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New DUI Law Goes Into Effect 01/01/2019

Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill, SB 1046, into law in 2016 and it will go into effect Tuesday January 1 2019. People convicted of a DUI will have to install the device to get their full driving privileges back. The device is essentially a breathalyzer and prevents the driver from starting the car if they aren’t sober.

“Expanding this already successful program statewide helps ensure those convicted of DUI do not become repeat offenders, and make our roads are safer,” First¬†offenders who don’t cause any injuries can choose six months of the ignition interlock or a restricted license for one year. Second offenders and first offenders who injure others are both mandated to use the device for one year. For three-time offenders, the device is mandatory for two years, while four-or-more-time offenders must use the device for three years.

Drunk drivers kill more than 1,000 people each year, according to Gloria’s office and the California Highway Patrol, and injure more than 20,000. In San Diego County alone, law enforcement officers arrested 59 people for drunken driving during last year’s New Year’s holiday weekend.

Source: Temecula CHP 12/31/2018